CEO Biography


Over 30 years as an electric & electronics system engineer working in the following product areas : medical imaging system, analog/digital circuit design, electromagnetic power harvesting, ASIC System design and FDA & ISO compliance, etc. Developed and filed  more than 12 patents, including medical ultrasound signal processing, semiconductor graphics memory system, magnetic core process for power generation, line transfer system for separate sensor CT and power CT, security camera system and DRON system powered by contactless magnetic induction method, linearly controllable magnetic core based power supply and so on. Conducted more than 10 consulting on Korean government smart grid project and underground partial discharge projects and high- power line PLC project and Involved several Korea military submarine projects.

  • KAIST(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), M.S. and Ph.D. in electrical engineering 
  • Advanced Technical Marketing, Inc., Seattle WA – VP of technology
  • Samsung Semiconductor, San Jose CA – Senior staff, product planning for memory system
  • VLSI Technology (Subsidiary of Phillips), Phoenix, AZ – Staff engineer on ASIC chipsets
  • Siemens Medical System, Issaquah WA  – Staff systems engineer, Medical diagnostic equipment
  • Associate Professor, Seattle WA – Dept. of electrical engineering, University of Washington