Ferraris Challenge

Ever since the commercialization of electricity, there have been an untapped byproduct in form of electromagnetic field generated by flowing currents in power lines. By harnessing the forgotten and unused electromagnetic energy through electromagnetic energy recycling, Ferraris has opened a new pathway for electric power generation and energy recycling technology for the mankind. Ferraris was founded in a strive to harness the power from a magnetic field produced by power lines and transform it into a reliable and countable power source. 

Dr. KOO, who is the founder of Ferraris wishes the investors to set their focus and priority environmental social governance with key focus on providing clean energy produced by Ferraris’ products through the magnetic energy over the corporate management of Ferraris. The prime directive of Ferraris is to provide clean energy with no environmental pollution around the world to improve and restore environment for the benefit of current and future generations to come. 

We have named Ferraris Inc. in memory of Galileo Ferraris. 


Ferraris, Experience our Future

We as human race have reached the pinnacle of modern digital age with constant influx of new and improved electronic goods to improve our everyday life. In order to increase productivity and efficiency, adequate infrastructures such as Smart farms, Smart factories and Smart cities are being constructed. To match its power consumption, intermittent solar, wind, and other renewable energy sources are being developed to meet the ever-growing power demands.  Even with the best efforts, the reality is that there are limitations and struggles for the renewable energy sources to meet the demands of increasing power demands. 

While developing Ferraris ERR (Energy Recycling Reservoir) System, Ferraris pondered whether decentralized power generation could be delivered to better meet the ever-increasing power demands of humanity. In order to whether such technology could be developed and be applied, Ferraris ran a case study on pumped-storage hydroelectric power stations. Pumped-storage hydroelectric is one of the best technologies we have for storing intermittent renewable energy, such as solar, wind power, which means these sites could act as giant batteries. Pumped-storage hydroelectric has a typical lifetime of more 50 years and is the large-scale energy-storage technology available. However, the pumped-storage hydroelectric require tremendous amount of resources, permits, time, and funds to be constructed. 

Ferraris extracted the Energy Recycling Reservoir concept to Pumped-storage. There are difference between Ferraris ERR System and pumped-storage hydroelectric (and Solar, Wind power) in their methodology and operational aspects. The basic flow of Ferraris ERR System is that it harvests magnetic energy from the incoming power lines of the commercial buildings to be sent to distribution panel which sorts the recycled power and transmits it to building’s load, which cuts the costs of the building’s utility costs.

Image of High power electromagnetic energy field

                                              Image of High power electromagnetic energy field 

Furthermore, under assumption that Ferraris ERR System is installed in 100, 200 or 1,000 different buildings, sudden power outages or shortages arising from emergency situations, the Ferraris ERR System can be used to provide steady electrical energy to power the building’s load. This could potentially be used to save lives by providing alternative to medical facility’s backup generators as the network of buildings (InterBuilding Power Energy Network, where Building-to-Building power energy share) using Ferraris ERR System can support such facilities in the direst circumstances. 

This is a simple example of Ferraris ERR System’s future use, and Ferraris envisions further application of its Ferraris ERR System beyond InterBuilding Power Energy Network to an InterCity Power Energy Network where City-to-City power energy share where a stable emergency power can be provided to the most critical electric infrastructures such as hospitals in state of emergency. With this in mind, Ferraris have developed Ferraris ERR System with remote monitoring power and control systems that can simultaneously operate on more 1,000 different sites.

The vision of Ferraris is to procure investments in order to mass provide Ferraris ERR System at economical pricing while upgrading electrical energy capacity to make our vision of future come true.