Ferraris Challenge 

Ever since the commercialization of electricity, there have been an untapped byproduct in form of electromagnetic field generated by flowing currents in power lines. By harnessing the forgotten and unused electromagnetic energy through electromagnetic energy recycling, Ferraris has opened a new pathway for electric power generation and energy recycling technology for the mankind. Ferraris was founded in a strive to harness the power from a magnetic field produced by power lines and transform it into a reliable and countable power source. 

Dr. KOO, who is the founder of Ferraris wishes the investors to set their focus and priority environmental social governance with key focus on providing clean energy produced by Ferraris’ products through the magnetic energy over the corporate management of Ferraris. The prime directive of Ferraris is to provide clean energy with no environmental pollution around the world to improve and restore environment for the benefit of current and future generations to come.

We have named Ferraris Inc. in memory of Galileo Ferraris.