FAQs 7 : What is the 10% energy save from Ferraris ERR System based on?

 Question :  What is the 10% energy save from Ferraris ERR System devices based on? Is it Ferraris ERR Systems running at 60kW output? 

Normal electromagnetic power line (such as commercial power line), electrical energy versus magnetic energy ratio is almost the same as Voltage and Current ratio. For example, at 380Vac power line, if current is running around 100A range, then roughly electrical energy / magnetic energy ratio is about 4:1 ratio distribution around power line.

You can estimate this based on Maxwell equation. That means if power line is running about 40KWatt power (380V X 100A), then 10KWatt magnetic energy is there around power line, which is about 25%. The current is varying so that ratio is also varying.

In addition to that, our harvesting efficiency is about 50% so that 25 x 0.5 is around 10% of power generation. Depending on the voltage and current, this ratio is up and down, that is 10% means minimum of power generation.  Please refer to document: page 12 to 21 of “Introducing Ferraris ERR System”. 

(April 13, 2020)

FAQs 6 : Could ERR devices be implemented at a data center?

We believe the Ferraris ERR System will be good fit to data center, because data center keep using electrical energy a lot.  If we could install Ferraris ERR System in their main distribution panel, then we can do magnetic harvesting from their electrical main power line and produce extra power for their usage. 

The productivity efficiency of Ferraris ERR System will increase in correlation to the higher line current. As default power lines are configured in commercial buildings with four sets of R, S, T and N lines with one extra set as a backup. By employing case 4 and 7 where the configuration uses four sets of R, S, T and N lines, power productivity efficiency will increase by 4 times. This means total their power can be saved at the amount of magnetic harvesting power. Please refer to document: page 12 to 21 of “Introducing Ferraris ERR System”.

FAQs 5 : What standards do these technologies need to meet to be sold for commercial use?

Normally, each country asked to meet Ferraris products its safety standards certificated, such as SEC for Europe, KS for Korea, UL for USA. Ferraris has already all three of them (KS, SEC and UL) it is not difficult to meet each country's safety standard because most of them are following US or Europe standards.  For the installation engineer, most of the country require the person (/or company) electrical license. Our system is the similar as general electrical equipment.

FAQs 4 : Legal prerequisites for installing Ferraris ERR System.

The contents below are not a certified legal opinion.

Most countries are in line with IEC (the international electrotechnical commission) regulations. These regulations usually apply for energy providers in question. These regulations include the regulatory limits on the fluctuation of power factor, voltage drop, frequency, and more while the energy providers are providing energy to consumers.

For instance, a power provider who provide electricity to residential, commercial and industrial consumers, but due to the consumer’s usage pattern (power factor, voltage etc.), the quality and consistency of electric power provision may temporarily or continuously, falter. In such cases, the power providers are legally bound to produce and supply additional power to a point where the quality of electric provision to consumers does not falter due to aforementioned reasons. The power providers are in their right to invoice a penalty (such as reactive power, etc.) while invoicing consumers who may be causing the decrease in electric quality due to the consumers’ consumption pattern.

Most power providers will evaluate the maximum electric capacity of the consumer before installing distribution panel to the Home, Condo, Apartment, building or factories. The distribution panel, power line and power usage within the property of the consumers is seen as an asset of the consumer. Whereas the power lines prior to the distribution panel and its electricity power are the assets of the power providers, and thus the provider holds all rights to it. As a result, the consumer may not make use of them without first creating an additional contract for its usage with the provider.

Ferraris ERR System is contactless installed on the power lines connected to the distribution panel within the property. By installing Ferraris ERR System, the power factors caused by consumers’ power consumption can be dramatically counter measured, and line voltage drop seen in Ferraris ERR System through PCS (Power control subsystem) can be lessened resulting in reduction in penalty invoicing to the customers. Conceptually, the PCS has internal mini voltage transformer function – PCS output powers are self synchronizing itself. (January 29, 2020)

FAQs 3 : Are there any problems when installing in Japan grid?

As Ferraris products is affected by the current flowing through the grid, the Japan grid’s voltage variation will not impact Ferraris products. The only technical issue would be the product’s voltage resistance certification. Since Ferraris products have been tested and certified with Korea standard’s 22.9 KVolt and US standard’s 30.0 KVolt. There will be no problem installing Ferraris products up to 30.0 KVolt grids. As a result, there should be no problem installing in Japan grids. we believe it will not be difficult to be certified in Japan.

FAQs 2 : How many countries does Ferraris Inc. have registered its patent in?

12 patents are registered in USA, Canada, Europe, China, Japan and Korea. Please refer to page 17 of “Introducing Ferraris Tolenoid C®”

FAQs 1 : When you couple to the electromagnetic field of a power line, you are taking power ....

Question : When you couple to the electromagnetic field of a power line, you are taking power from the power line itself, there is no free lunch, conservation of energy is required.  It is as if you added your own transformer, in your case it is a single turn transformer but never the less the power you receive is from the generator, and any power you take from the power line in this fashion is deducted from the power available to service the load. If someone runs a wire next to but not touching an active utility power line and a current is inductively induced and terminated into a load, am I stealing power from the utility?  

Answer : There is no free lunch in the universe, even with renewable energy such as solar. Only difference between solar and electromagnetic energy is that whether there is a billing from the source or not. Magnetic energy is also coming from the source and Ferraris products is recycling power energy from the magnetic fields variation of existing power distribution lines. 

Power CT modeling (one wire transformer) is right? Absolutely at small power output in the linear performance range of CT, you are perfectly correct and you can easily demonstrate that feature with existing CT. However, that theory only holds true under the existing CT which are optimized with sensing magnetic field. 

BH curve has linear shape and low slope.  In this kind of CT, we can get minuscule amount of power. This is where the problem lies. So one wire transformer modeling does not provide sufficient magnetic energy for the power CT, thus we need to utilise other method of obtaining more power from the same CT structures.

Even if all of its load are connected to the source directly, each voltage and current shape can be different depending on the load condition, such as on or off, capacitive load, inductive load. Due to these unpredictable features of load, V and I cannot be line up together, this will cause reducing power efficiency. 

Reduction of power factor, Increasing non active power and so on. Therefore, we are unable to control the load condition, which will result in reducing power efficiency. Our mechanism makes our load independent with source thus increasing power efficiency. 

As an example, load require 100 Watt, but due to less than 100 % efficiency, power source has to provide more than 100 Watt, such as 110 Watt or 120 Watt more power source.  If efficiency is 100% then, source only need to provide 100 Watt not more than that. Our product's main goal is this. 

We want to use power source effectively, rather than generating new power and adding more energy. Even if we just improve power transmission efficiency, we can effectively achieve the same effect of power generation.  If we add them one by one together, we could save almost as much power provided by a small power plant.

We have developed Ferraris products from those sense and published related paper at IEEE Journal as well as international patents.  Furthermore, we have set up mass production lines. 

Again, we understand the short explanation above alone may be insufficient for Investors. However, we believe you will quickly pick up the concept how Ferraris products are different and innovative from other exiting CT technology.  (December 9, 2019)